Know their stories

Claudia Esparza


Claudia had been hearing first-hand the stories of hundreds of domestic workers who sought her out to find employment, and she found that they all had something in common: none of them had dreamed of being a domestic worker as a child and almost all of them had wanted to study a career. She founded Emprendedoras del Hogar to help them regain their ability to choose which path to follow in their life: use their job to pay for a career, study and become a professional, use their work to save and start an enterprise, or continue as a domestic worker by choice, in jobs where their rights are respected. She has a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, she is the founder of Nanas & Amas and Loop, a speaker, and recognized as a leading entrepreneur in the Meaningful Business MB100 (United Kingdom) and VV100 lists of Vital Voices (USA), and Innovadora Global from Expo Live (Dubai).

Moraima Ferradas

Programs Director

Moraima joined the Emprendedoras del Hogar team in 2016, since then she has collaborated in the various areas of the NGO. Currently, she is specifically in charge of the creation, organization, monitoring and facilitation of the different coaching and emotional support programs that we offer to the beneficiaries of our projects, as well as the management of specific projects and the preparation of reports for the different entities with which we work. Moraima is a Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa de Madrid and an ACC Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Marina Cremades


Marina has been part of the Emprendedoras del Hogar team since 2019. Psychologist graduated from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, with master’s degrees in Social Innovation Management from Amani Institute and in International Development and Cooperation from the Hegoa Institute of the Universidad del País Vasco. She has extensive experience in design, management, coordination, monitoring, justification and evaluation of projects with a gender perspective. She is currently the Social and Technical Project Coordinator of the “Student Worker” project, a winning initiative in the Expo Live 2020 world competition that allows thousands of young domestic workers to access educational opportunities.

Catalina Pardo


Catalina arrived in 2016 to work as a psychologist at the company Nanas & Amas, during which time she joined the NGO Emprendedoras del Hogar, offering emotional support workshops to domestic workers in the community. She is currently in charge of coordinating and facilitating the program of workshops that benefit the students of the schools that participate in the “Dream, Plan, Act” project. Catalina is a licensed psychologist from the Santo Tomás de Aquino University in Bogotá -Colombia. She works in the clinical area and as a workshop facilitator.

Jessica Cornejo


Jessica is part of the team of psychologists and coaches who are in charge of the organization, design and implementation of the Project “Dream, Plan, Act”, aimed at young students from alternative basic education centers in the city of Lima. Jessica is a Psychologist with a degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, a facilitator of personal growth workshops for the Community of Representatives of Nanas & Amas, has more than 7 years of experience in the education sector and has a Master’s degree in Education specialized in Organization and Management of Educational Centers, awarded by the European University of the Atlantic of Spain.