For the first time in history, famous Latin American artists, journalists, psychologists, conference people, singers, and domestic workers from Peru, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Argentina, Uruguay and Nicaragua, have come together on International Domestic Workers Day to say: #YouCanDoIt !!!

There are about 70 million domestic workers worldwide. And today is their day. A day to think, reflect, and act. And someday, hopefully soon, to celebrate.

Let`s focus on the positive

Have you ever thought about domestic work as a way to fight poverty? We do! And it’s absolutely possible, here is why:

Women invest their earnings into education, health, their families, their communities, women raise next generations. Women share. So improve women’s lives and you will improve the world! Let this immense group of working women improve their living conditions, and they will immediately replicate it, disrupting the cycle of poverty for them and their families.

How can we improve their life? It’s easy. Respectfulness, kindness, solidarity, justice, every bright value we demand on others should bright in our homes first, where it all starts.

So, please remember this today:

  1. Domestic work is a job.
  2. Domestic work could be the first step to better life opportunities, such as access for education after working hours. (By the way, maximum 8 working hours per day!)
  3. Domestic workers are human.
  4. Domestic workers are workers.

Please watch the video we have prepared. If you know a domestic worker at home please share this video with her. If not, please share it in your social media account. The more domestic workers get to see this message, the better.

Let`s start promoting domestic work with dignity as a tool to build prosperity. It`s possible, anything is possible, it all starts in you.

It all starts now. Please play, share, and spread #YouCanDoIt !!!

Here it is: